The Foundation For Sales Success


What is the key to success in sales?
Is it product knowledge?
Is it selling benefits instead of features?
Is it your ability to ask questions? To present?
All of these are important skills and make an impact but I would say there is a foundational key to success for any sales person regardless of what they are selling.
In my twenties I built a multi-million dollar sales organization. In my thirties I have spoken for hundreds of sales organizations. I have spoken to salespeople who sell cars, insurance, skin care, advertising, software, houses, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, tractors, beverages, pest control, home security, nutritional supplements, clothing, and much more.
The commonality that all of them share and the key to sales success is recognizing that Business Is Based On Relationships. 
Our ability to build relationships, to win people over and to make connections is the key to success in all sales ventures.
If you want to sell – build relationships.

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