Everyone Should Write A Self-Help Book


Yesterday was the official release of my fourth book – Partnership Is The New Leadership. I would have never guessed I would be able to say that line. I never set out to be a writer, and don’t necessarily see myself as a writer still today – but rather a student of success.

All four of my books could be categorized under self-help. They talk about leadership, sales, and success. The Power of Influence is about building influential relationships. The Power of Storytelling is about influential communication. The Two Most Important Days of Your Life is a fable about finding your purpose and Partnership Is The New Leadership is about how to lead in today’s changing and challenging world.

Last week I was being interviewed and was asked, “Why do you write self-help books?” I responded, “Everyone should write a self help book.”And here is why.

People who write self help books usually fall into one of two categories. Successful people who share experience or student of success who share proven strategies.

If you are successful in what you do – sitting down to write a book would be a clarifying process. Many times we are successful and we don’t know exactly why. We don’t have the self-awareness to recognize what we are doing and why it’s successful. Writing a book has caused me to stop, to question, to go deeper and to understand myself and other people at a different level. I think people can learn from your success but I will bet you will learn a great deal in the process.

If you are a student of success it’s not enough to be a casual observer. You have to dive in. To dissect. To interview. To engage. If you study success at a level you could write a book that you believe others would want to buy and would truly value – can you imagine the level of success you could create? Don’t write a book to sell a million copies – write a book because you go deep enough that you have something of value to share.

The process of writing a book has been challenging, introspective, fascinating and eye opening. I think everyone should have that experience.



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  1. They do say that we’ve all got a book in us, so the idea of everyone writing a self help book makes sense.

    And with platforms like Kindle it can get published easily enough.

    Deffo agree that we’ve all got something to share – congrats on getting your fourth book released!

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