Leaders Learn Your Language

Last week I was on a call with an executive preparing for a speech I will be giving his company next month. As is custom, I asked him if there was any terminology or vernacular that I should be aware of that was specific to his company or industry. He was blown away! He was shocked and surprised that I would take the time to learn his language.

You see, each industry has it’s own set of vernacular. In direct sales it’s knowing if they call their people distributors or associates. In credit unions, it’s knowing they call their people members, not customers. With different organizations they use different terms like managers, team members, supervisors, etc. Every company has their own language.

For me, speaking to people from the stage, using their language makes what I’m saying more relatable and more easily understood.

As a leader, learning to speak the language of those you lead is a vital skill. You become more relevant. With a little preparation you can achieve a big result. Learn their language

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