How Do I Add Value?

As a leader, your job is to add value. Your team, your people, your customers, your investors, your friends and your family. Your job is to add value. Here are three questions that will help you do just that.


Question 1: Is what I am creating/contributing distinct?


Is your contribution different in a significant way? Is it adding value in a way that no one else has done? Does it stand out? Does it look and feel esthetically unique? Is it something that will impress people because it is coming from an angle that others haven’t thought of?


  • It’s not crazy or out there, but it is distinct and stands out.


Question 2: Is this my most excellent contribution?


Did you just throw it together or did you do a good job? Did you put in the time to prepare and give it your best effort? Did you make it look amazing and professional? Did you ask people questions in the preparation to make sure you added relevant value? Did you solicit sufficient feedback so that you are confident it will be well received?


  • When we strive for excellence, we put in the effort that pays off.


Question 3: Is there heart in here?


Did you approach it with a service mindset? Are you striving to help others or to make yourself look great? Is there emotion in this thing you have contributed? Will people feel your passion?


• Part of the way we add value as leaders is to bring the flare, the inspiration, and the vibrancy that people are looking for



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  1. Thanks Bennette for the post. Good leadership is very important. It can mean thriving or sinking. A good example is what happens to football teams when they change/fire managers

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