Customer Service Isn’t Costly, But It’s Priceless

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A coaching client of mine heads up sales for an event rental company in California. In one of our phone calls she shared a line that resonated with me – “Customer Service isn’t costly, but it’s priceless.”

I completely agree with this statement. Customer service is priceless because of the results that it creates.

When we simply provide the type of customer service that is expected then we rarely build relationships and never build loyalty.

Loyalty and repeat business are the result of impressive or amazing customer service.

Let me give you an example.

I was speaking for a group of designers at a high-end furniture store. As we discussed customer service and it’s impact on relationships and business, one of the designers, Leslie, shared a recent experience.

Leslie said, “I have a client that I have done work for in the past and we are friends on Facebook. A month or two ago I saw her post that her daughter would be having a serious brain surgery and she asked for prayers. I made a note in my calendar of the date and a couple days before the surgery I called to tell her I was thinking about her and wish her the best. Then a few days after the surgery, I called to see how it went.

A couple of months later my client called and said she needed carpet for her daughters’ room. She laughed and said, I told my daughter we could get it at a regular carpet store but her daughter said, “No Mom, you can only get carpet from Leslie.”

That is the power of customer service. It isn’t costly, but it’s priceless.


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