What is Your Word For 2017?


Every year I choose a word: one single word that I focus on throughout the year. It becomes the subject of my study, the focus of my thoughts, and it defines the traits I wish to gain in that year. Like Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues, my word becomes part of me in that year.

The first year I started this I chose the word communication. I always felt like I was a natural communicator but I wanted to turn a raw talent into a strength. At the time I wanted to become a professional speaker and was speaking regularly in building our business. I read books on communication, presenting, public speaking and story telling. I worked very hard to eliminate any filler words from my speech, such as um, or ah. I recorded myself every time I presented, either in audio or video, and analyzed what worked, what didn’t work, and how I might improve. That year my communication vastly improved and is something I continue to work on today.

Other years I have chosen Leader, Humility, and Influence.

My word for 2017 is Empathy.

I think I am going to become well acquainted with Brene Brown’s work. 🙂 But I look forward to learning more about empathy and earning empathy through study and practice as a leader, friend, husband, and father.

What is your word for 2017?



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  1. Thanks for this article and thought. I linked this so my certified Ideal lifeVision coaches can read it and apply it. Focusing on a word has also helped me – I struggled with picking my word – couldn’t decide between “simple” or “deliberate” – but ultimate my word picked me – Essential. Thanks Ty.

  2. I want Transparency. I feel it’s really important to be transparent in all your dealings even you’re an employee or a leader, or a family member and a friend, or an entrepreneur.

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