What are your values?

Last week in my blog I mentioned my list of values and I received a lot of comments and questions about it.

I have a list of values and understand their priority in order in my life.

Why is it important? Because when your values are clear to you then making decisions becomes easy.

Simply put – your values make you valuable.

I don’t believe my values are important for everyone, they are simply important to me. I would encourage you to spend some time identifying what you value & why. It’s a very clarifying process.

My values are:

  1. Faith – the defining tenant of my life is my faith. It gives me an understanding of who I am, helps me to know how I want to live & gives me confidence & purpose because of my connection to God.
  2. Family – my family is everything to me. My wife & kids come first and I strive to provide for them, prioritize them and make them proud by the way I live. By creating daily habits, I develop and maintain my relationships with them. Their comfort, growth, health, and safety are always top of mind for me.
  3. Growth – I believe this life is about growth. We are here to learn, grow, and develop. I am a constant learner, striving to stay humble & curious. Growth applies to me intellectually, physically, spiritually & emotionally.
  4. Contribution – we are all connected and adding value to others and being of service is my goal. As I grow, my ability to contribute expands.
  5. Adventure – I love to experience life. To travel, explore, meet new people, try new things, be active and live life to the fullest.


This is my list of values and they are anchors that help shape my life.

What are your values?


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