It’s You Vs You Not You Vs Them

On Monday I shared the stage with Rachel Hollis (author of Girl, Wash Your Face & Girl, Stop Apologizing) speaking to a group of entrepreneurs in Michigan. If you don’t know Rachel Hollis, you have probably been living under a rock, but you should check her out.


On Monday she opened the conference and shared some thoughts that I think are worth passing along.


Rachel started by saying “what got you here, will not get you there.”


You have probably heard that saying before but, because it is a trite phrase, I wonder if you have considered the implications.


In my list of values, I prioritize: Faith, Family, & Then Growth.


Growth is what this life is about. Learning, developing, becoming better and therefore adding value and benefitting the world is why we are here. (IMO)


So why don’t we push to the next level?

2 Reasons:

  1. It’s overwhelming. When we look at how far we have to go, the distance seems daunting and so we don’t take the first step.
  2. Complacency. We have already reached the top or a comfortable place and so every inch feels like a mile.



So where are you? I have felt both of these feelings at different times in my life and the truth about growth is we have to fight for it. The cost of our new life, is our old life.

What holds us back from growth is not competition. It’s not them. It’s us.

This is You vs You.


So if you are feeling overwhelmed, what is a step you can take today to move in a positive direction? It’s not climbing the whole staircase but taking the first step that starts our momentum.


And if you are at the top of your game, what are you going to do to keep pushing? What are the next steps? How do you make a bigger impact?

As I speak to a lot of high achievers, this is where the challenge lies. It is in pushing past the point of comfort and expanding our vision past the point we believed possible.



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