We’re All In This Together

My mind has gone back to this story several times in the last couple of weeks.

Several years ago, my friend Cindy and her kids noticed that two robins had built a nest in one of their trees. As they paid attention to the robins’ activity they realized there were eggs in the nest.

Those eggs soon hatched four baby birds.
Cindy and her kids took ownership of the baby birds.

They loved to watch them and would check on their condition regularly.

Then one day as Cindy was putting clothes away in one of the kid’s rooms – she saw something she’d never seen before or since. More than a dozen birds were flying around the tree with the robin’s nest. Cindy rushed out to see what all the fuss was about and saw all different types of birds were attacking the tree. Instinctively, Cindy ran to protect the baby birds and what she found was amazing.
The birds were dive-bombing the tree because a snake had wrapped itself around the tree and was trying to get to the baby robins. The birds were doing everything they could do attack the snake and save the baby birds.

Cindy thought quickly and grabbed a shovel and used it to pull the snake off the tree. It slithered away and when Cindy eventually turned around all of the birds were sitting on the branches of the tree looking at her as if to say thank you. Then they flew away.

So, what does this story have to do with us right now?

There is something amazing that happens when we have a common cause. When we have a common enemy, just like the birds, we forget our differences. We begin to collaborate and focus on common objectives and we fight for our cause.

I know that things seem very bleak right now but if we look closely there is also a lot of good that is taking place. There is a reset of priorities which is bringing us together as people. There is a lot of service, empathy and support that is being shared. I see a lot of humanity coming back into conversations and I’m inspired by what I see. I believe in the human capacity for resilience. This will bring us together and we will come out of this together.

P.S. – To not leave you hanging, the baby birds were saved.



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