Today’s Leaders Need An Entrepreneurial Mindset

think-entrepreneurAccording to Financial Times an Entrepreneurial mindset refers to a specific state of mind, which orientates human conduct towards entrepreneurial activities and outcomes. Individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets are often drawn to opportunities, innovation and value creation.

I recently spoke at an association conference for Food Service Leaders. The CEO of a major food company introduced me and when I finished my speech and came back stage he was there waiting for me. He thanked me for my speech and said, “I wish that my leaders would think the way you think.” I asked, “What do you mean,” and he said, “You are an entrepreneur, so you think like an entrepreneur. You take an owner’s mentality and see the big picture. Leaders need to think like entrepreneurs if they want to be successful in today’s market.”

I have thought a lot about what he had to say and he is right. In today’s ever changing marketplace, we need leaders to have an entrepreneurial mindset. We need them to apply ingenuity, drive and commitment. We need them to solve problems and inspire their people. We need leaders with entrepreneurial mindsets.

Below are Twenty Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs that come from the book – One Minute Entrepreneur. While these are attributes of entrepreneurs – they should also be attributes of leaders.

How is your entrepreneurial mindset?

1. Resourceful
2. Purposeful
3. Focused
4. Risk-Taking
5. Problem-Solving
6. Salesmanship-Oriented
7. Visionary
8. Optimistic
9. Leadership-Oriented
10. Ambitious
11. Innovative
12. Integrity-Based
13. Adaptable
14. Communicative
15. Self-Motivated
16. Strategic
17. Team-Oriented
18. Determined
19. Curious
20. Balanced


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  1. Very well said. I once said in a speech that if every employee acted like they were the owner of the company, taking the responsibility for themselves to see to it that they succeeded no matter what, kind of likeeveryone is CEO, things would be quite different in their every day work. That got some laughs but it’s true. I like the way you put it here much better and will use this list as a guide to being a better entrepreneur. Awesome.

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