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A Lesson In Marketing

Today I am in the virtual studio speaking to the leadership team at Charles Schwab. Let me tell you how that happened. 11 years ago I wrote an article on LinkedIn about how to grow your influence. It was read by Liz Hall, VP of Training for C&A Industries, a staffing company in Omaha, Nebraska. Liz got on my site and bought my book The Power of Influence. When the order came through I saw her title in charge of training so I emailed her and started a dialogue. A few months later I was speaking in Nebraska for Subway

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The Golden Rule Of Business is Wrong

They say that the golden rule of business is – “People Do Business With People They Know, Like and Trust.” We’ve all heard that, and even repeated it, but ultimately – it is wrong. Ok – maybe wrong is not the right word. The Golden Rule is incomplete. The truth is people do business with people they know, like, trust and VALUE. Honesty and likeability are important, but if people don’t see you as valuable – they will never do business with you. If you don’t come across as professional, knowledgeable, with the right skill set to get the job

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