A Lesson In Marketing

Today I am in the virtual studio speaking to the leadership team at Charles Schwab. Let me tell you how that happened.
11 years ago I wrote an article on LinkedIn about how to grow your influence. It was read by Liz Hall, VP of Training for C&A Industries, a staffing company in Omaha, Nebraska.
Liz got on my site and bought my book The Power of Influence. When the order came through I saw her title in charge of training so I emailed her and started a dialogue.
A few months later I was speaking in Nebraska for Subway and I invited Liz to come and see me speak. She came and after the speech she hired me to speak to her team at C&A.
Liz and I have become great friends. I have spoken for C&A at least 7 times and one of those times we did a client appreciation breakfast where I spoke for companies who use their staffing services.
First National Bank was in that room and hired me to come and speak at the bank and I have since spoken for First National Bank five times.
A leader at First National Bank left during Covid and took a job at Charles Schwab and when they discussed bringing in a speaker she spoke up and said, “I know who you should hire.”

So here are the takeaways:
– Create content that adds value
– Business is about relationships – always be building relationships
– As you build those relationships focus on the needs, fears and victories of your clients so you can serve them and add value where needed
– Be really good at what you do – it is the best advertising


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