The Commitment Scale



As a young entrepreneur I had a mentor who used to tell me, “If you treat your business casually, you will become a casualty of your business.”
This advice has stuck with me for nearly 20 years and with time I have found it to be applicable in many areas beyond business.
If you treat your health causally, you will become a casualty.
If you treat your personal and professional growth casually, you will become a casualty.
If you treat your marriage casually, you will become a casualty.
If you treat parenting casually, then your kids will become a casualty.
The key to growth, high performance and real impact is commitment.
True commitment opens doors, gains followers and extends positive influence.
The Commitment Scale asks us to assess where we are living.
At a level of distraction? Constantly being pulled away by every distraction.
At a level of decision? Making a decision plants your flag. It cuts off other options and gives you direction.
At a level of discipline? Where we follow through and choose consistency.
At a level of devotion? Where you are driven by purpose. Where you don’t treat things casually, you are fully committed.
It is devotion that builds brands, loyal followers, committed teams and leaves a legacy.
Don’t be casual

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