Research Pays Off

A few weeks ago I was speaking in Omaha, Nebraska for Centris Federal Credit Union.

When I got to my hotel room there was a gift basket waiting for me from the team at Centris. It was a very nice gesture but the reason I am writing about it was because they took an extra step that most people don’t take. They had done their research and the gift basket was full of things that I personally like. (Personal note: Dr. Pepper and Licorice are the keys to my heart)

I was reminded of how much a little research pays off. Before you meet with a potential client, team member or partner – take a few minutes to research what they like, dislike, etc… It will give you insights into that person, allow you to personalize your approach and customize the conversation.

I recently had a meeting with a potential client that by checking Facebook I found out he was a basketball fanatic and that he had season tickets for a particular team. I love basketball as well and with a couple of questions I could steer the conversation towards our common interest and make a connection.

I think we are often too busy, we are racing from appointment to appointment. But if you will take a little time to do some research before your next meeting – I promise you it will pay off.



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