The Lost Art of Handwritten Notes

A few weeks ago I was boarding a Delta flight from San Antonio, Texas to Salt Lake City, UT. I am a loyal Delta flyer and am often upgraded to first class as I was on this flight.
When I got to my seat I found a handwritten note on my seat with two chocolates. It read:
Mr. Bennett,
Thank you for your continued business and loyalty as a Diamond Medallion with us! We truly appreciate you here in SAT!!
Each of the first class seats had a handwritten note and some chocolate. The guy next to me was amazed at the fact that they were personalized (his talked about how he has flown over 2 million miles with Delta).
It reminded me of the power of a handwritten note. It stands out. It is meaningful. It shows that you took time. That you really care.
As technology makes communication easier and faster – I think we sometimes need to slow down and stand out, because the more high tech we become the more high touch we must become.
I have had a practice of writing and mailing (yes, with a stamp) a handwritten note every week. I am amazed at the responses I get, people are over the moon when they get a card from me in the mail. It’s impactful.
So if you want to stand out or just make someone’s day – don’t forget the lost art of handwritten notes.




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  1. You are absolutely right on this one. I had an employee that lost her mother unexpectedly so I decided to send her a card. It was blank on the inside and I took the opportunity to write her a note and mail it to her house. She immediately gave me a thank you note for sending this hand written card.

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