People Buy For Two Reasons

Last week my good friend Bob Burg wrote a post titled – The Two Reasons We Really Buy.

In the post – he quoted the COO of WinWholesale who said, “People buy only two things: solutions to problems and good feelings.”

I completely agree and I want to make a point on how you can do both. You can provide solutions and good feelings by selling through storytelling.

The best salespeople are great storytellers. Stories engage, persuade and move people to action. They bring the emotional connection to the selling process (good feelings).

Great stories also follow a blueprint of struggle to solution. They hook people with a struggle and they help people with a solution. The key to solving a problem for your client is to make the struggle in your story match the pain in your prospects life.

Here is an example:
If you are selling a weight loss product then the best way to sell the product is not to talk about each of the ingredients but rather tell a story about the experience that you or one of your clients has had. The struggle in the story would relate to the pain in the prospects life and the solution (your product) would provide the good feelings that would cause them to buy.

Selling through storytelling is the perfect way to connect with the two ways that people buy. Provide solutions to problems and good feelings with one simple story.


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