Live Each Day as Your First Last Day

I still have two more posts on my series of Presentation Tips From Shark Tank but I just returned from an amazing trip to The Philippines and wanted to share a great insight I learned there.

I spoke to several thousand entrepreneurs and one of the other speakers at the conference was a man named Joey Reyes. He has been a sought after speaker and trainer in The Philippines for 15+ years.

One of the pieces of advice that Joey shared that I thought was powerful was the advice to Live Each Day as Your First Last Day.

Let me explain:

Your First Day: Think about your first day of school. Or your first day at a new job. Do you remember the enthusiasm and excitement that you felt? You were energized, ambitious and ready to give it your best.

Your Last Day: If you knew you only had one day to live – what would you do? That thought process fills us with purpose, urgency and helps to set priorities.

So here is the key: Live each day as your first last day.

Live each day with the enthusiasm, ambition and excitement of your first day.
And live every day with the purpose and urgency of your last day.

This is my new goal: To live each day as my first last day
I hope you make it yours as well.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this and I am glad that you picked up a little something from my talk. Very well said indeed. Keep inspired and keep inspiring. You inspire me.

    Joey Reyes

  2. Just as i was feeling so down & exhausted…..I am glad Marget Villarica post this. I’d like to make this my Goal too…” I will live Today as my First last day.”
    Thank you for lifting me up!

  3. Yes, this is one topic that has been my constant reminder in my day to day dealings with powerful !!!!!!

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