3 Ways To Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Google put out a great add about a boy trying to overcome glossophobia. What is glossophobia? – it is the fear of public speaking.

Check out the add –

I know as a professional speaker, I am in the minority because I don’t fear speaking – I love it! But I talk to people all of the time who fear public speaking. That is a normal and common fear. So how do you get over it?

Here are 3 tips that will help you overcome the Fear of Public Speaking.

1. Focus on the Audience
2. Change your goal
3. Prepare, Prepare and Prepare

1. When most people approach a speech or presentation they are focused on themselves. “What if I mess up?” “I hope I don’t forget what I want to say.” “I hope I wore the right clothes.”
When we are nervous it is a sure indication that we are focusing on ourselves. If we shift and focus on the audience – we ask different questions, such as: “What does the audience need to hear?” “How can I help these people with my message.”

Sometimes that little shift – will make a huge difference with your nerves.

2. I have found that most people approach a speech with the wrong goal. They have a goal of perfection. They want it to be perfect. The problem is – it is never perfect. I have given thousands of speeches and I can promise you – it is never perfect.
Plus perfection is a really hard goal that will make you more nervous. Instead you should change your goal from perfection to connection with your audience. If you connect with your audience then all of the imperfections don’t matter.

3. The third idea is to prepare. Just like was shown in the Google commercial above, preparation will help you to approach your speech with confidence. When you know your material and have role played it before hand – you will feel confident and the nerves will melt away. I am a huge fan of role playing before hand. I don’t think you need to be scripted and robotic when you speak but I do believe practicing will help you to sound clear and fluid when you are doing the real thing.

These three ideas are simple – but they will help you deal with the all too common fear of public speaking. Put these in practice for your next speech – and you will overcome your glossophobia.


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  1. I can barely get words out during meetings. I can barely breathe. This fear is consuming me and holding me back, but i will try your tips.

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