Learn to Communicate Assertively


Correct communication is key to success in any type of leadership.  But often, we run into individuals who miss the mark.


A passive communicator doesn’t speak up!  They don’t allow their voice to be heard and are often overlooked.  They leave the conversation with the mindset “You’re ok, I’m not.”


An aggressive communicator will dominate communication, using body language, loud speech and intimidation to steer a conversation to suit their needs. They leave the conversation with the mindset “I’m ok, you’re not.”


Assertive communication is what we are aiming for.  An assertive communicator makes sure their voice is heard, but also all the other voices around them. They set the tone of open communication, creating a relaxing environment where real work can be accomplished. They leave the conversation with the mindset “You’re ok, I’m ok.”

What’s your communication style?
Passive communication often leaves us feeling unheard & not empowered. aggressive communication leaves others feeling offended and defensive. Assertive communication creates a win-win, empowered and connected on both ends.
Learn to communicate assertively.




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