Leadership & Mindfulness

Have you ever received a phone call from a spouse or a child telling you they wrecked a car?
How did you react? Was your first question – Are you ok?
Or was your initial reaction frustration?
Be honest.
Here’s the truth. It’s ok if you felt frustration or thought “why in the world”, it’s human nature, but it’s probably not best if you said it out loud.
Learning to listen to your thoughts & choose how you want to act is the practice of mindfulness. Learning to control your emotions is a skill that is developed through conscious effort. Meditation is a great practice to develop this skill.

As I see it, it is a required skill if a leader wants to be influential. A leader needs to be able to act & not react. To choose their response instead of flying off the handle.
The attribute of meekness is essential. Meekness is power under control. It’s the art of mindfulness in practice.


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