Four Reasons Leaders Are Readers


I was recently in the CEO’s office of a billion dollar company and on his desk were a stack of books. I asked him what he was reading and with excitement he grabbed a book and told me all about it.

Then on a plane ride home, I was seated next to the Vice President of an international business and we discussed the book she was reading and her favorites she had read recently. As we are talking she said a phrase that I have heard over the years – Leaders are readers.

I have also heard it said – Earners are learners.

Regardless of how you say it, I have found that a great habit of the highly successful is that they are always reading and growing. There are four main reasons that leaders are readers.

1. Leaders read for Enlightenment. Books can be an amazing source of wisdom, insight and ideas. To have at your fingertips the distilled intellect and experience of the world’s great leaders, inventors, businessmen and women – in the form of a book, is an amazing thing.

2. Leaders read for Enjoyment. Reading stimulates your mind and engages your imagination. It causes you to think, imagine, break-down and apply. I love to read biographies and auto-biographies of great people – they are educational and very enjoyable.

3. Leaders read for Enrichment. What if you could sit down one on one with the world’s brightest minds and have them mentor you – would you be interested? You can if you read their books. Over the last ten years I have read more than 1000 books and the growth and learning I have received has been immeasurable.

4. Leaders read for Enablement. Reading helps you to learn new skills, gain new understanding, and change your mindset. I believe what Jim Rohn said, “Formal education will make you a living but self-education will make you a fortune.” Developing the habit of reading will allow you to continue to grow and develop – making you relevant and empowering you to succeed in life.

In your pursuit to become a stronger leader – don’t forget this basic habit – Leaders are Readers.


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