Do You Have A Growth Mindset?

A couple of months ago I was working with a company who was using Carol Dweck’s book Mindset as a group study. Then last week a friend asked me if I had ever read the book Mindset? And yesterday while recording a podcast interview my guest talked about the importance of a growth mindset and so I figured the universe was trying to tell me to pull out this book that I read years ago and revisit it.


Mindset is a great book that I highly recommend and in it Dr. Dweck explains that there are five facets to this growth mindset.


  • Number one is to learn from failure. How we respond to failure and what we take from it is crucial.
  • Number two is to embrace obstacles. Be willing to do the hard thing.
  • Number three is giving your best effort, regardless of how you feel. It doesn’t matter if you’re winning by a lot losing by a lot, it’s that you are always giving your best.
  • Number four is receiving critical feedback and even seeking critical feedback because you want to learn, grow and get better.
  • Number five is being inspired by the success of others are learning from the success of others, as opposed to being jealous and threatened by it.


As I reread these five facets of a growth mindset I asked myself how I was doing with each. I have had conversations with my kids about each of them and I have had conversations with my team as well. I would encourage you to do the same. Do you have a growth mindset?





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