10 Storytelling Secrets

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People love stories. More importantly, stories engage emotion which prompts people to respond, take action or buy your products.  Stories engage emotionally and people take action based on emotion.  These 10 Storytelling Secrets will help you on your way to becoming an effective communicator.

  • In storytelling your focus is on the audience. Tell it for them not for you.
  • The goal of storytelling in business is not perfection, but rather connection with your audience.
  • Your purpose is to engage your audience. Without engagement there is never any influence.
  • Find your voice and strike a balance between credibility and relatability.
  • An influential story is struggle to solution. You hook them with the struggle and you help them with the solution.
  • Keep your stories concise and compelling. Audiences have short attention spans, so the quicker
    you get to the take away, the better.
  • You don’t retell a story—you relive a story.
  • Make your story conversational. Nobody wants to be talked at; they want to be talked with.
  • Turn your presentation into a conversation.
  • In business, whoever tells the best story wins!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Bennett. Much appreciated. Your video on story telling is very inspirational. I have started implementing some of them. I liked the crisp and clear 10 bullet point tips here.

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