What Makes A Leader Great?

Three years ago I was in South Dakota speaking for the managers of Riddle’s Jewelry and I had them break into groups to answer the question: What is the #1 quality or characteristic of a great leader?

Each team was supposed to share just one word. One characteristic.

We heard answers such as: example, communicator, genuine, passionate, & listener.

Then one team combined trust & respect to form the word – Truspect.

I teased the team for cheating and making up words and it became an ongoing joke throughout my speech.

A few weeks ago I went back to South Dakota to be with the managers of Riddles Jewelry and they all made buttons with the word Truspect.

It was funny & very clever.

They are a great group.

But I want to ask you – what makes a leader great?

What is your #1 quality or characteristic of a great leader?


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