What is your major goal for 2017?


As you approach the new year & set Goals/New Years Resolutions for 2017 I want you to think about your primary goal.

What is your main goal for 2017? What is the one goal, that if achieved, will make the whole year a success? What will your contribution to the world be in 2017?

Most people, when they set goals, focus on balance. They set several goals for every area of their life. I’m not against that, but years ago I learned that the word for balance in Hungarian is the word egyensúly. It actually translates to mean “one weighted focus”

That understanding has changed my approach to setting goals and I’ve found that if I have one major objective it actually allows me to balance & prioritize my life around it. I also believe it has allowed me to make a bigger impact because I focus on major contributions & not just small incremental improvements. Those seem to come as a natural byproduct to a huge goal.

Stretch yourself. What will you do in 2017? What is your major contribution?

Mine is to launch The Leadership Inc. Institute.

I’d love to hear what your main goal is …



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