What Is Your Floor Goal?


Have you hear of floor/ceiling goals? Most people set ceiling goals. It is the pinnacle of what you want to achieve (the ceiling). The problem is we swing for the fences but often strike out.

Goals should be about progress (base hits to carry on the analogy) and so I’ve started setting floor goals as well as ceiling goals. The floor goal is the minimum I’m committing to that still creates progress.

As an example – one year ago today, after being inspired by my friend, Jim Cathcart, I committed to doing 100 pushups every day. That is my floor goal. Most days I do more than that as a workout but as a minimum I will do 100 pushups.

I’m happy to report that I didn’t miss a single day! There were days that I did 100 pushups at an airport or a couple days where I was sick and it wasn’t pretty but I did 100 pushups. And I’ve seen progress!

So what is a floor goal you can set for yourself? It is awesome to swing for the fences but make sure you move forward everyday.


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