What Are You Really Selling?

I’m sure that many of you who speak, lead or teach don’t view yourself as being in sales. The truth is, however, we are all in sales. Whether its a product, a service, a vision, an idea, a strategy or ourselves that we are trying to promote, it is all sales. I think we would do better to embrace that principle and learn to sell effectively.
With that in mind – what are you selling?

Your answer may be a specific product or service, but what are you really selling? As an influencer you need to recognize what people are looking for, and start selling what they want. In other words, stop selling the features and start selling the benefits. What does your product or service provide that people will spend money to get?

Think of it this way.
You don’t buy a newspaper, you buy news.
You don’t buy life insurance, you buy security.
You don’t buy glasses, you buy vision.
You don’t buy awnings, you buy shade.

What drives people to buy is not the product or service, it’s what the product or service can do for them.

What does your product or service do? Does it prolong health, increase income, or accelerate productivity?

When you are selling, if you want to move from good results to great results, you need to know what you are really selling.


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