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I wanted to post a video that will open your mind to new possibilities. Last week I took a group of people to a private resort for a leadership retreat. The resort is in Boulder City, Nevada and it was built by a friend of mine named Craig.

Craig is a wildly successful entrepreneur and as I have gotten to know him the thing I have come to understand is that he places no limitations on what is possible in his life. You will understand when you see what he has built.

Pirates Cove is a private residence with 5 houses, over 22000 sq. feet of living space, 5 kitchens, 3 pools, 2 waterslides, a sunken battle ship, raquetball court, full gym, and much more – all with a pirate theme. It is possibly my favorite place on earth.

As you watch the video – recognize that limitations are mental and self-imposed. Nothing is impossible.

Pirates Cove

I would love your comments and also would like to know who would be interested in an exclusive 3 day leadership training at this facility?


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  1. Thanks for sharing Ty. What a really cool place! Pirates Cove is a great example of what can happen when we free our minds and dream big. A three day training with you would be awesome just about anywhere. A three day training at Pirates Cove would be surreal (and that is a good thing). I would also really love to take my son, Giles, to Pirates Cove when he is a little older.

  2. Ty, I loved the video. I would love to figure out how to unlock the limitations of my mind and become what I feel I can be.

  3. While I am not at all keen on pirates – truly, idolizing thieves and murders must be a guy thing – but this looks awesome. Love Craig’s vision, and love his BIG-everything-is-possible thinking. I am sure the family would have a blast while we ‘worked’ through leadership training!

  4. Yes our mutual company sure delivers. 25 years and going better than ever! Now we can ageLOC too. Hope to meet Craig someeday. Thank you for sharing Ty. Have a great day all.

  5. Awesome! Unbelievable and yet true. Yes, the mind is soooo powerful.
    How does one get into the leadership training?

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