True Goals for New Years Resolutions

As New Years fast approaches I’m sure everyone has given thought to their New Years Resolutions. What do you want to be, do and have in 2010? I believe that New Years Resolutions don’t work unless you set True Goals – goals that have everything you need to be able to achieve them. I wanted to share a quick outline on how to make a True Goal with the hope that your New Years Resolutions this year will result in making 2010 the best year of your life.

Here goes –
A True Goal needs three things:

Vision, Mission, and Strategy

Vision Provides a Picture – answering What?
Mission Provides Purpose – answering Why?
Strategy Provides a Plan – answering How?

A true goal requires that you identify what you want, feel a deep sense of why you want it and then develop a plan as to how you will achieve it.

To develop your strategy – there are four simple questions to ask. They are:

Who has done it?
How did they do it?
What are the obstacles?
What are the solutions?

When you set a goal with vision, mission and strategy – you dramatically increase your odds of achieving it.

If you want more info – you can click on the link below to download a free ebook I wrote called Goal Achievement. It will teach you this process in greater depth.

Here’s to 2010 being the best year ever!


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