The Three Biggest Obstacles A Leader Must Overcome

What stops leaders from making an impact?

It isn’t title; position or authority – that’s not what leadership is based on.

And it can’t be the fault of their team. Leadership drives the team.

I believe what stops most leaders is themselves. We get in our own way.

The 3 Biggest Stumbling Blocks for Leaders are:
– Self-interest
– Ego
– Apathy

Self-interest: Leadership is not about you – it is about the people that you lead. It is natural for all of us to think inwardly and worry about our own positioning, comfort and achievement, but that is not where influence is built. The leader who is willing to place other peoples interests first, to think outward and to serve others is the leader who makes the biggest impact.

Ego: Ego makes a leader unteachable and unapproachable – two leadership killers. Keeping your ego in check means making it about we not me, giving credit and taking responsibility.
Apathy: Leadership that makes an impact requires hard work, focus, discipline and sacrifice. Leaders can’t be apathetic in their approach and only do what is required. It’s the extra effort that earns the greatest reward.

If leaders can overcome self-interest, ego and apathy – they will be well on their way to making a huge impact.

What other obstacles do you see as a leader?


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  1. Coming from a Great Leader who knows his stuff these points are absolute truth. I’ve seen Ty Bennett in leadership positions and he makes sure to stay focused on the greatness of others, humble, and continually outpacing everyone in work ethic and effort. Great article, I aspire to be a better leader by following these points. Thank you for these words.

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