The Spirit of The Season

My wish for you, this time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday is that you feel the Spirit of The Season.

The spirit that makes us forget ourselves and focus on others. The spirit that makes us aware of others needs and willing to reach out to help and to serve. This is the spirit of the season that we all need more of throughout the whole year.

Many of you have probably seen the stories about the anonymous donors at Kmart who have been paying off the layaway items for others. If you haven’t you can read one of the articles HERE

Last Friday night our family was at home having a nice night and my wife Sarah was reading the article I posted above. She was touched by the generosity of others and said, “Ty, I want to go and do this. I need to go to Kmart and pay off someone’s layaway.”

I said, “I love it – go right now.”

So Sarah drove to Kmart and had an amazing experience. She was in the layaway line and she overheard the lady in front of her talking to the cashier. She was $15 short of paying off her layaway item. Sarah stepped up and said – “Can I pay it off?” The lady was completely surprised and didn’t know what to say. After asking a couple of questions, Sarah figured out the entire balance was $60 and she paid it off completely.

The lady in line had tears in her eyes and explained that this was her roomates layaway item. Her roomate is a single mother and this was a bike for her son for Christmas.

Sarah felt so grateful for the experience and I learned a great lesson on the importace of acting on the promptings that we often feel to help others.

I hope that all of us this time of year can feel the spirit of the season. Service to others brings true joy and fulfillment.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. I appreciate your beautiful stories shared in a style that brings tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart at the same time. Thank you for the gift of these stories, Ty, to remind us how important it is to share no matter what your circumstances at the time.

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