The Leadership Formula for Success

Brian Tracy said that the formula for success is Ambition + Empathy.

Real leaders speak in what often seem to be contradictory voices.

I like to think of it as a balance. Leadership is an art and it requires balance.

Ambition reflects a leader’s desire for results. It shows up as direction, organization, vision, and control. Ambition pushes leaders to take action and inspire others to get the job done.

The negative connotation attached to ambition is that the ambitious are only in it for themselves and that they will win at any cost.

Ambition is balanced with Empathy.

Empathy reflects a leader’s concern for people. It embodies humility, compassion and cooperation. Empathy focuses a leader to prioritize people over processes and teaches them to win in the people business.

The negative connotation to empathy is that it can create a sluggish or passive approach, but that is overcome with Ambition.

The correct balance of Ambition and Empathy is truly the leader’s formula for success.



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