A Powerful Word

Last week I had a chance to be part of a special retreat with my friend Kevin Hall, the author of Aspire. (https://www.powerofwords.net) Kevin’s book has become a definite top ten, and I would recommend it for everyone. It is about words, and it is full of tremendous insight and experiences that will help you in business and in life. At the event, I met a man named Pravin Chikouri, who flew in from Vienna. Pravin and Kevin met almost by chance many years ago as their two paths crossed in a fabric store that Pravin owns. As they talked and Kevin shared his reason for his visit to Vienna, Pravin shared with him a word that was important in his life. Pravin is Indian and his mother taught his a word when he was a boy, that became a way of life. The word is Genshai, and it means
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