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Ty Bennett, Pravin Chikouri, Kevin Hall
Ty Bennett, Pravin Chikouri, Kevin Hall

Last week I had a chance to be part of a special retreat with my friend Kevin Hall, the author of Aspire. (https://www.powerofwords.net) Kevin’s book has become a definite top ten, and I would recommend it for everyone. It is about words, and it is full of tremendous insight and experiences that will help you in business and in life.

At the event, I met a man named Pravin Chikouri, who flew in from Vienna. Pravin and Kevin met almost by chance many years ago as their two paths crossed in a fabric store that Pravin owns. As they talked and Kevin shared his reason for his visit to Vienna, Pravin shared with him a word that was important in his life. Pravin is Indian and his mother taught his a word when he was a boy, that became a way of life. The word is Genshai, and it means to never treat anyone in a manner to make them feel small.

Pravin shared with the group that it is his belief that we are all connected. And with this connection, we have a responsibility to support, strengthen and lift each other. He said that in his life, from the streets of Calcutta to Vienna, the most powerful force he has ever felt, is love.

Think about the power that the philosophy of Genshai could have in your life. In your marriage, as a parent, or with your friends. In your business with your employees, coworkers or customers. But also to yourself. I think that many times we are hardest on ourselves, with negative self-talk and dwelling on our weaknesses, instead of our strengths. We need to also decide to never treat ourselves in a way that makes us feel small.

This one little word is a powerful concept. It is something that I am trying to focus on in my life with myself and everyone I interact with.

It is a word that I would consider focusing on in your life as well.


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  1. Thank you Ty:)
    What a fabulous limitless word and loved the BOOK! The book is to be practiced and passed on.

  2. Thank you for the post…

    I come from India as well. And coincidentally, my grandmother taught me the magical trilogy that one must avoid to lead a good life- Bhai; Lajja and Ghruna (fear, shame and disgust). I often think of these words as my guiding principles in life.

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