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3 Ways To Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Google put out a great add about a boy trying to overcome glossophobia. What is glossophobia? – it is the fear of public speaking. Check out the add – I know as a professional speaker, I am in the minority because I don’t fear speaking – I love it! But I talk to people all of the time who fear public speaking. That is a normal and common fear. So how do you get over it? Here are 3 tips that will help you overcome the Fear of Public Speaking. 1. Focus on the Audience 2. Change your goal 3.

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Presentation Recovery: What To Do When You Forget Your Place

We’ve all had the experience. You are presenting, going from your first point to your second and your mind goes blank. What do you do? How do you recover? Here are five ways to recover and save your presentation. 1. Pause – remember a pause is a good thing (allows your audience to reflect on the information) and chances are the audience won’t know what is going on. 2. You can repeat the last line that you just said in order to gain momentum and find your train of thought. 3. You can laugh and ask the audience for help.

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