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How To Engage Your Audience/Prospect

(Book Excerpt from The Power of Storytelling – As an influencer your purpose is to do one thing: engage the audience. What do you think it means to engage? According to Webster’s, to engage means to cause someone to be involved; to attract their attention; to engross them. If you are teaching, leading, selling or speaking, your purpose is to engage your audience. Above all, you want to grab their attention and get them involved. Your prospect, client, customer, employee, team member, or student has to be engaged or they won’t buy your product, act on your idea or

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People Buy For Two Reasons

Last week my good friend Bob Burg wrote a post titled – The Two Reasons We Really Buy. In the post – he quoted the COO of WinWholesale who said, “People buy only two things: solutions to problems and good feelings.” I completely agree and I want to make a point on how you can do both. You can provide solutions and good feelings by selling through storytelling. The best salespeople are great storytellers. Stories engage, persuade and move people to action. They bring the emotional connection to the selling process (good feelings). Great stories also follow a blueprint of

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