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4 Steps to Effective Networking

 Step 1. – Focus on the 1 you are talking to. Don’t look around the room or be distracted by your phone. Focus only on the 1 person in front of you. Step 2 – Follow the rule of 2. In an effort to make the conversation about them & not about you. Anytime they share something about themselves, ask 2 questions before you share anything about yourself.   Step 3 – Say their name 3 times. This will help you remember their name, so weave it into the conversation 3 times.   Step 4 – Do something 4 them.

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A Networking Observation

Yesterday I went to a networking event for lunch. There were about 80 people there and we were assigned to tables with 8 at each table. The conversation was good, but superficial throughout the lunch. The typical question was directed at the name of the company on the name tag. “Tell me about XYZ company?” or “What do you do at XYZ?” Then the event director introduced an activity. We went around the table and each of us had two minutes to answer a personal question and then 2 minutes to talk about what we do professionally. The personal question

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Relationship Week

I want to invite you to join me for Relationship Week. All of next week (the week leading up to Valentines Day) is relationship week and I am celebrating with all of you by understanding how relationships are the root of all business. I will be interviewing a relationship expert live everyday next week and you can listen in for free. These experts are bestselling authors like Bob Burg, CEO’s like Dave Blanchard and social media gurus like David Riklan. You won’t want to miss these calls. So make sure you take a minute and register at – then

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