Relationship Week

I want to invite you to join me for Relationship Week. All of next week
(the week leading up to Valentines Day) is relationship week and I am
celebrating with all of you by understanding how relationships are the
root of all business.

I will be interviewing a relationship expert live everyday next week and you
can listen in for free. These experts are bestselling authors like Bob Burg, CEO’s
like Dave Blanchard and social media gurus like David Riklan.

You won’t want to miss these calls. So make sure you take a minute and register
at – then I will give you the times and number for
each of the calls next week.

I look forward to learning with you and making next week a week to remember.

Go to and register – it only takes a few seconds.


3 Responses

  1. Ty… What an absolutely amazing call with Dave Blanchard tonight! So many pearls to bring to heart and learn to live by! Truly listening to people and waiting for those doors is such a fine art and I thank you for bringing this message by sharing Dave with all of us in this way! I am deeply moved by this interview tonight and rejoice in this knowledge! Thank you, thank you! I really wish this call could be archived so it could be listened to repeatedly.

  2. Ty, Thank you for creating these calls. I listened to Bob Burg and was enthralled. I purchased both of his Go-Giver books! I was looking forward to listening to the other calls, especially Dave Blanchard’s call. Is there any way you can archive them on I’ve been having problems with my computer and it freezes after just a few minutes. I’m at my daughter’s right now so I could write to you. I’m hoping you will add all the calls back to your site. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. I am looking forward to hearing the other speakers and ordering your CDs. Thank you again. Enjoy your Day! Robin =)

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