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How To Tell A Story That Moves People

(Book Excerpt From The Power of Storytelling – Great storytellers focus on the audience. They have done their homework, they know who they are speaking to, and they pay close attention to how the audience is responding, whether through their words, their laughter, or through their eyes and body language. Only when you truly know your audience can you make your message about them. That is what creates influence, and the most important facet of making it about them is to tie your message into their primary motivations. If you find out what drives them, what their hot button

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The 4 P’s That Drive People

If you are an influencer (a speaker, author, leader, salesman or marketer) than it is important to know your audience. When it comes to knowing your audience the #1 thing you need to understand is what drives people. There are four primary motivations that drive all people – I call them the 4 Ps. -Pleasure -Prestige -Payoff -Productivity 1) Pleasure – people naturally seek pleasure and enjoyment. Is your benefit going to provide pleasure? Will it make their life fun? If so, people will be driven to buy your product, follow your strategy, etc… 2. Prestige – another driving force

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