The 4 P’s That Drive People

If you are an influencer (a speaker, author, leader, salesman or marketer) than it is important to know your audience.

When it comes to knowing your audience the #1 thing you need to understand is what drives people. There are four primary motivations that drive all people – I call them the 4 Ps.


1) Pleasure – people naturally seek pleasure and enjoyment. Is your benefit going to provide pleasure? Will it make their life fun? If so, people will be driven to buy your product, follow your strategy, etc…

2. Prestige – another driving force for people is an increase in their prestige. Show them that they will be viewed as more credible, looked up to, seen as a leader and they will be motivated by your message.

3) Payoff – The third motivation is a payoff. This can come in the form of many forms. Maybe this will increase their income, or they will save X amount. People love a payoff.

4) Productivity – If you can show people how to get more done it will motivate them to follow. Productivity is a primary motivation because it leads to the other three – pleasure, prestige and payoff.

If you can tie your message, your story, your products benefits, or your vision to one of the 4 primary motivations, you will see your audience engage and respond at a whole new level.

Know your audience – Pay attention to the 4 P’s.


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  1. A motivational speaker has talent to inspire and motivate an audience to succeed. He motivates others through speaking. I also heard an International Motivational Speaker Kevin Kelly’s speech. He is highly skilled at motivating others through public speaking.

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