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The Power of Influence

I am excited to announce that my new book – The Power of Influence is now available!! This book is a quick, fun read, that will teach you how to build lasting influence in your business, leadership and personal relationships. Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar said, “The Power of Influence is How To Win Friends & Influence People for our day.” Kevin Hall, bestselling author of Aspire! described it as, “A Masterpiece on winning with people.” If you want to learn more about the book, or get a copy – go to I am also giving a free gift

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A Powerful Word

Last week I had a chance to be part of a special retreat with my friend Kevin Hall, the author of Aspire. ( Kevin’s book has become a definite top ten, and I would recommend it for everyone. It is about words, and it is full of tremendous insight and experiences that will help you in business and in life. At the event, I met a man named Pravin Chikouri, who flew in from Vienna. Pravin and Kevin met almost by chance many years ago as their two paths crossed in a fabric store that Pravin owns. As they talked

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