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Integrity Affects Your Bottom Line

Integrity is often talked about as a soft topic, and in business it seems that it is overlooked or forgotten. One thing we have to recognize though is that Integrity affects the bottom line of your business. Several years ago, I was hired to speak for a Law Firm that was having an event in New York City. They called me directly and said that they found me online. When I got to the event, I had breakfast with the meeting planner and CEO before I spoke and somewhere in the conversation they mentioned that they found me on Executive

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Leadership From The Follower’s Perspective

I believe that leadership is our scarcest resource and yet our most needed commodity. In business, politics, education, church & family – everything rises and falls on leadership. Today I wanted to explore leadership from the follower’s point of view, with three questions that every follower, consciously or unconsciously, asks about the leader. In a recent interview John Maxwell posed these questions – stating that every follower asks: -Do You Care For Me? -Can You Help Me? -Can I Trust You? Question #1 – Do You Care For Me? A follower first looks at do you care for me? Do

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