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People Join Companies But They Leave Bosses

This week I spoke for a Pharmaceutical company. In preparation for my speech I interviewed a couple of their sales reps over the phone and went on a ride along with another rep. I found it interesting that all of them at some point brought up their loyalty based off of the relationship they had with their manager. They said things like: “If you connect with the right manager it will make all the difference” “I left my last company because of my manager and I’m staying here because I have a great manager”   You’ve probably heard the saying

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Finding Purpose in Work

This morning I spoke to about 75 business owners and executives in Utah. They are all part of a networking company that seeks to build business through fostering stronger relationships. The subject they asked me to speak on was employee engagement. That may be an unfamiliar term, but employee engagement is the measure of those people that are willing to go the extra mile for a project or a coworker. It represents those that apply extra effort even when no one is watching because they take pride in their work and their organization. On the level of heart and soul,

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