An Acronym Worth Adopting

I don’t often use acronyms. It’s not that I don’t like them – I just often find them to be cheesy or a stretch. With that being said, I want to share an awesome acronym with you today that I think you should adopt. David Horsager, the author of The Trust Edge told me about the growth and success of Caribou Coffee. They have become the #2 coffee chain in North America behind Starbucks. The retention of their employees in a high turnover industry is remarkable, but the customer service that their front line baristas provide is impeccable. Caribou Coffee has a foundational acronym that drives their success. It is: BAMA (and no, this is not the football team) BAMA stands for: Be Excellent Not Average Act With Urgency Make A Connection Anticipate Needs Be Excellent, Not Average makes them stand out from their competitors. It’s the little extra effort
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