An Acronym Worth Adopting

I don’t often use acronyms. It’s not that I don’t like them – I just often find them to be cheesy or a stretch. With that being said, I want to share an awesome acronym with you today that I think you should adopt.

David Horsager, the author of The Trust Edge told me about the growth and success of Caribou Coffee. They have become the #2 coffee chain in North America behind Starbucks. The retention of their employees in a high turnover industry is remarkable, but the customer service that their front line baristas provide is impeccable.

Caribou Coffee has a foundational acronym that drives their success. It is: BAMA (and no, this is not the football team)

BAMA stands for:
Be Excellent Not Average
Act With Urgency
Make A Connection
Anticipate Needs

Be Excellent, Not Average makes them stand out from their competitors. It’s the little extra effort that makes them memorable.

Act With Urgency allows them to put the customer first. The time that it takes to get your drink at Caribou is faster than other places and it is greatly appreciated by their loyal customers.

Make A Connection is the glue that keeps people coming back. They try to remember people and show genuine interest.

Anticipate Needs is an investment in people that pays huge dividends.

At Caribou, their training for their front line people is not complex, it is simple, clear and comprehensive. This acronym has helped their baristas provide better service to their customers, but I believe BAMA can help you and I to be more influential and successful too.

BAMA is an acronym you should adopt.


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