Stories Make Everything Better

On Monday, I sat in an Irrigation Company Board meeting in Idaho for shareholders who own water rights.

We bought a cabin/ranch property last year and with it bought water rights on the canal that runs through our property.

The shareholders in the room were primarily farmers and ranch owners – this is a gruff bunch.

The President of the Board started the meeting with a funny little story that poked fun at farmers and made everyone laugh and my thought automatically was – Stories make everything better

Storytelling a skill that can enhance virtually every situation.


Last week Kyle Bringhurst reviewed my book The Power of Storytelling


In his review he shared his 8 favorite quotes from my book & I wanted to share these quotes because they give practical ideas on how to share stories more effectively.


Top 8 Quotes

“You don’t retell a story – you relive a story.”


“If it is not necessary to say, it becomes necessary not to say.”


“Great stories that create great influence are, in the end, about answers; answers that satisfy and inspire a call to action.”


“What is once uncomfortable becomes comfortable, even second nature, if you just keep doing it.”


“If your story is relatable to the audience, then the solution will be credible, and the hero will gain credibility.”


“If we want our communication to be heard and understood, we need to be succinct.”


“Those who learn to tell stories well have a unique ability to teach, to persuade, to motivate, and to move people.”


“Your story of your own struggles and your own victories – however modest they may seem to you – has tremendous power to inspire and motivate others and lift them to greater heights.”



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