Simple Ideas for a Happy Life

At church we gave our kids little notebooks and told them to write some of their thoughts and feelings. To reflect on what was important to them. These are the thoughts that Drew wrote. He’s 8 years old & I found his ideas to be very wise:

“When I get stressed looking to God is a way to relieve stress.

Another way is to do a meditation 🧘‍♂️

Or listening to music 🎶

If you get sad then go to your parents, your siblings or to people who love you 😘

When you feel scared 😱, say a prayer 🙏 When you get mad 😡, walk away

A good saying in my family is don’t let your mood dictate your manners .

That’s important because if you are in a bad mood you shouldn’t make those around you mad too

If you are happy 😃, then just be happy”


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