Should You Give Sales Presentations or Have Sales Conversations (Part 2)

Let’s continue our conversation on sales presentations vs sales conversations.

If you didn’t read part 1 – you can do so by clicking on the previous post below.

Before we dive into particulars – I want to continue to discuss the mindset of this approach. I had an interesting conversation last week that will help you understand my thought process toward this.

Last week I was at the National Speakers Association Conference. While I was there I met many other speakers and the typical conversation started by someone asking – what do you speak on?

I was asked what do you speak on several times and I replied to one particular lady – I speak on influence to sales & leadership organizations.

She said, “so are you a sales speaker or a leadership speaker?” And I said, “Both.”
She looked puzzled and responded, “You can’t be both.”
I laughed and said, “Then I guess I’m in trouble because I am.”

So how does this pertain to sales presentations vs sales conversations? I think that sales has changed. The old school approach of push strategies, arm-twisting and high pressure don’t work anymore.

Sales today is about influence. It’s about moving people.

Listen to what Lisa Sasevich said about this, “In today’s world, people are looking to be inspired. Encouraged. Taught. Heard. It’s no longer about simply selling. It’s about becoming a trusted advisor. You’re now learning to influence. And that, my friends, is where you begin to make the biggest impact and attract dedicated, highly committed, highly invested clients and contributors.”

I completely agree with Lisa.

They say that leadership is influence. But here is the insight – so is sales. And while we are on it – so is speaking, marketing, teaching etc… If you are in the people business, (which we all are) then you need to learn to influence people.

To influence people in sales – you need to understand your product or service – but you also need to understand people. And that is why to succeed in sales today you need to take a higher level approach.

It isn’t enough to know every closing technique in the book. To be a trusted advisor you need to build trust, credibility and ultimately a reputation as someone people want to do business with.

The golden rule of business is that people do business with, and refer business to, people they know, like and trust.


2 Responses

  1. And this is why you have built such a successful team over the past few years.

    I find it to be interesting that an attendee at the NSA conference does not think that you can speak on both leadership and sales at the same time…. maybe she hasn’t heard of Bob Burg or Mark Sanborn or a guy named Steven Covey?

    I’m being facetious, but, the common qualities among great salespeople are the ability to create a connection, inspire and lead. “Old school sales” was even about these qualities, we just have a preconceived notion about the bravado salesperson. The best always have been leaders.

    Thanks for this series, Ty. Looking forward to the continued conversation!

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