Reverse Your Goals in 2016


As you set goals for 2016, try to reverse the process. Most people set goals in this order: Have – Do – Be.
We usually think about what do I want to have? (A new car, more $, etc…) then what do I need to do to have it?
Then what will I Be as a result? The answer is usually, then I’ll be happy.
The problem is that things don’t make you happy and most things come as a result of who you are. So reverse the process & focus on becoming.
Set goals in reverse: Be – Do – Have
What do you want/need to become?
What are the attributes you need to develop?
In what areas do you want to improve?
Then establish the steps you need to do to become.
Then what will you have as a result.
Jim Rohn taught that “For things to change you need to change & for things to get better you need to get better.”
In 2016 set goals in reverse & focus on becoming.

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