One of The Biggest Keys to Influence & Charisma


We all know someone who is charismatic. They have a charm that can inspire devotion in others.

My question is: What creates that type of Charisma? What produces that type of presence?

One of the biggest keys to influence and charisma is being genuinely happy for other people’s success.

When someone achieves something great – do you feel threatened by their success or do you celebrate it?

One of the surest signs of someone being comfortable in their own skin is how they see others and how they can separate others experiences and achievements from their own.

Too many people subscribe to the idea that tearing others down actually builds you up and it’s just not true. It makes you look weak and insecure because that is where it is actually coming from. People who are secure with who they are genuinely happy for others, they celebrate their success and cheer them on.

And that makes them charismatic.



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